Guylaine Claire Cover jpgec cover

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

I’m newly enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Select Program, which gives me the right to have 5 free giveaway days. In honor of Mother’s Day (but a tad late, because I’m figuring this stuff out) the Kindle e-version of my books will be available free, on Amazon, tomorrow May 13, 2013.

Check it out, The Emma Caites Way and The Gift of Guylaine Claire will be free Kindle downloads on Amazon. (The Emma Caites Way was the 2012 Bay Area Independent Publishers Association Literary Fiction Award winner!)

So if you’re a mom, had a mom, or ever knew a mom, enjoy. Of course, if you like them–don’t be shy about posting so, as an Amazon review. Thank you and have a great day.

A.V. Walters