Nearly Back

A.V. Walters

Yeah, I’ve been erratic in my posts–gone almost the entire summer. And I’ve left you all hanging on the outcome of the emus. What can I say? It’s been a tough run. I still have several posts to finalize the Two Rock section of the chronicles, but I’ve also nearly completed the relocation that I’d hinted about all last spring. We’ll complete the first phase of the relocation on Friday, when we settle into a rental for the winter…a real winter, with snow and season because now we’re located in Michigan–Northern Michigan–Leelanau County. We are excited at the prospect of real seasons. We are also completely adrift in terms of them, I’ve been in California for 35 years and Rick has never lived outside of California. Even though I grew up always a stone’s throw from a Great Lake, I’d say I’m a little rusty in the weather department. Let me get just a little bit settled (at least let the cats find their sea legs) and I’ll finish a few Two Rock postings before I launch into the new venture.