There is such a thing as being too good looking for your own good. We live in an area that is a destination location. Near Traverse City, and just a hop-skip and jump from the Sleeping Bear Dunes, this area is a tourist attraction–even more so in the past twenty years, having taken a page from California’s book of wine country. Travellers can enjoy Lake Michigan’s dunes, forests and trails and follow-up with tasting tours and award-winning wines, ciders and micro-brewery offerings. We’re homebodies, and it’s all a little precious for our tastes. But we do enjoy the area’s beauty.

This summer, Rick noticed an increase in air traffic. There is a local flight school that does training over us–much to our annoyance, and we do see Coast Guard helicopters doing rescue work–all too often. It’s one of the hazards of being a popular destination with boating as a side feature. But Rick kept mentioning how frequent and regular the choppers were making their way over our property. I confess, I ignored it.

But then, one day, he pointed to the sky and said, “Right on schedule.” I looked up, and noted that it was not a Coast Guard chopper. So what was it? Rick headed for the internet. Sure enough, new this year, there are helicopter tours! Their various routes are posted on their web site, and we are directly on several of the tour paths. To get the best views, they hug the edge of the valley, flying at low levels over our hills. Ugh!

Right now it’s color season–the forests, though not yet at peak, are blazing. It’s gorgeous. And, based on the intrusion frequency, very popular. Autumn is my favorite season, but I won’t miss it when the flight season wanes. It’s enough to make you a bit squeamish, to have gawkers overhead as we work the gardens or split wood. I feel like rustic peasants, dotted through the landscape as an added bit of interest for the privileged folk. Sheesh.