We don’t mind winter. We dress for it, and press on. Winter has its charms and beauty. And, after an invigorating day out in it, there’s nothing like the comfort of a warm hearth and a hot beverage.

And who could say anything bad about spring, eh? Life itself pops out before your very eyes. New leaves, spring flowers, baby critters!

March, though. March is a challenge. It’s a full on tease. A little warm weather and sunshine gets you all geared up–only to be slapped by an encore of winter, but wetter. It’s been alternating snow and rain all day. Really, it’s a good thing–the landscape could use a good soaking. But mostly, it’s grey and cold. (By any measure, not really so cold. These temperatures in January would’ve been a celebration.) Perhaps it’s the wet that is so daunting. Even the cats sit at the window, looking out wistfully.

Perhaps we’re just tired of it. I don’t know anyone who’s a big fan of March. Even the rains of April are a boon, compared to this relentless damp cold. Around here, many call it the fifth season…mud. I join the cats at the window, and wonder how the bees are faring.

In just a couple of weeks, I know that we’ll be too busy to even catch our breath. There will be trees to plant, new garden beds to establish, and seeds to start. Now though, I’ll start a fire and chase away the chill. There are always seed catalogs and nursery websites to keep the dream alive.