I’m thinking that there is some geographical inequity in this whole last-chance-before-Lent celebration. Brazil has Carnival–and wow, that’s some kind of party. New Orleans has Mardi Gras, a wild time, and a toss of cheap plastic necklaces, sort of Brazil-lite. (But they make up for it with Jazz.) And what did Northerners get? Pancakes. Wow–that’s some over-the-top event where you get to splurge by emptying the larder of animal products, before 40 days of deprivation.

And…it’s been some 1400 years since Pope Gregory laid down the law on animal products during Lent. Look what other cultures have done with it! They’ve upped the ante into outright debauchery–parties, parades, face painting and masks, dance competitions and many things done with feathers. Hell, it might take the full 40 days to recover from the hangover. And we get pancakes for dinner. One night. Maybe a little maple syrup.

I confess, in search of something a little more festive, I made waffles. Good for another year.